Another fun race! Was a hard race too though, but that was my own fault, and in the end I got 2nd place. The race had everything for me though, all the fun things I'm on here for, and all the things I practice to avoid doing... But I guess my mind is still suffering from being awake for 42 hours from Saturday morning till Sunday night, because I made some silly mistakes.

Made a terrible start, which turned out to be a good thing, one of the guys ahead of me blinked on my end, and I reacted to that instead of the lights going green, but figured out what I was doing before I got a BF. Then into T3 there was a massive pileup, 4-5 cars I guess, had I gotten a good start, I would have been there.

I settled in behind the leaders, and after a while I was running 2nd, and while I was faster than the guy in 1st, I decided to take him on strategy, so when he pitted, I pushed hard, too hard, because I was still in "slow mode", so I ran wide up the hill before the 2nd hairpin. Lost 5-10 seconds, but almost made it back up before I pitted, rejoined 1.5s behind 1st.

Then on the first flying lap, I forgot I was on cold tires, and lost the rear end in T1, but managed to mostly save it and rejoined in 3rd, then the guy in 2nd ran wide before the last turn, and I could start chasing the guy in 1st. I was pushing as hard as I could, gaining 0.5-1 second per lap, which would put me right behind him on the last lap. When the last lap came, I was right under his rear wing, and I went on his left down the straight, and side by side into T1.

I left him enough room, and we both kept our lines, and I thought everything was fine, till we "hit", neither of us saw any contact and neither of us even got a 0x, but I guess that when you go side by side into a turn at 330 kph, you have to expect weird things. Luckily he didn't get any damage and could take 1st, and I just brought home my second place, after I got back on track.