This season has been a disaster for me and car no. 1 (old boys). All races except my secound race at SPA I have been wrecked. I have been a magnet to idiots, fools, newbees and wanabees.

After Philip Island I got so angry so I promised my self not to drive the F1 anymore this season. I haven't raced the Star Mazda, so I tested the little open wheeler at Okayama. It was actually pretty funny to drive, and after 20 laps I was able to race some reasonable lap times.

Wednesday is practice day (I got a wife and 3 children, so race time is limited).and when I was about to connect to Okayama for some Star Mazda, I saw Jan was testing at Sebump so I coulden't help it, and joined him.....I must say that after 2 or 3 laps in the FW312009  forgot all about practice the Star Mazda.

Sebring or Sebump as I like to call the track, is a blast to race. Turn 1 and the last turn is like "russian roulette" but I can't help it,

...I simply love this car/track combination.

So I will give it another try...and really hope to finish a race for once.

See you on track cool


Peter Dolmeyer