This week we had the joy of racing at Zandvoort, this place is amazing for anything but overtaking and dealing with back markers, and the race was no different, I got away from P4 on the grid, with a bit of trouble, but managed to recover and was in P3 into T1, from here it was a long 35 lap race, where events were mainly dominated by back markers.

Perfect race-lineAt one point I managed to get into P2 because the guy in P2 ran wide in the slow and tricky T8-9 combination, after he got some wheel spin out of T8. But the very next lap, a back marker decided to park just before the apex in T7 to let us by, but I didn't notice he was parking, I just thought he was doing the usual back marker stuff, so I ran too wide and off the racing line, letting the other guy by again.

Had another moment through T7 a few laps later when a car was parked perpendicular to the track, on the racing line, luckily he moved off the track when he saw I was coming, but since I had no chance of seeing him till I got past the apex, and I didn't get a yellow flag(wtf?) that could have ended my race.

Anyway, here's a short recap of this extremely "exciting" race: