As you all know, this season has been the worst ever season for me in iRacing. I have been wrecked in every F****** single race, so my self esteem was a little bit low, sunday night before race start at Zandvoort Race track.

The Zandvoort track is one of my favorites, and I won my first race ever in iRacing in Skib Barber here. After joining I got a low split server with start position 5 on the grid. First I was a little bit disappointed about the split, cause Jan was in "high split",but on the other hand maybe my race could turn out to be fun this time.

Sitting in the car (left side on the grid), Just before race start, I promised my self to take it easy the first 2-3 laps, and after that try to make some fun out of it, but then again....I promised my self that every single time.

Green light and off we an okay start...the guy on my right side (start position 4), missed the start a little bit, so when we entered turn 1 I went on the outside of turn 1, and he went for the inside....from my pouint of view that was a pretty good decision, cause when I was going for turn 2, I could see some car wreck in my mirror....and for once this season it wasen't me who has finished the race on lap 1.


After 2 laps and still on the track I was able to make some pressure on the guy in front of me and, on lap 6 his maked a mistake and went off track. On lap 10 I coulden't belive my luck, when the guy in 3 position hit a backmarker and disconnected after worth. There was 15 sec to the guy in front, and I wasen't fast enough to catch him, so I just kept my pace.

I kept the car on track and in 5 laps I actually was leading the race (first time in the F1), because the guy in front did his pit stop 5 laps before me.

After 35 laps I got 2 place on the podium, only 11.4 sec after number 1, and I have just ended my best race this season with "0" inc.

Today it is wednesday and I'm still smiling... :o)