I had been struggling to fit a race into my schedule this week, but I managed to get 2 races in yesterday, despite lacking practice, having a hangover and several decent sized blisters on my right foot. The first race got off to a good start, I saw the inside was crowded heading down towards T1, so I went on the ouside, knowing it would be the inside for T2, and out of T2 I was in P3.

From here, I was just doing laps to stay on pace, I lost a position to a DWC guy, but it went okay, until I ended up cutting T1, so I lost another position, though I could take him in the pits, sadly I never got that far, into T1 with a few laps to go before my stop, we came up to a back marker driving on the middle of the straight, he braked early, so the guy ahead of me braked early, by the time we got down to me reacting, it was too late, and despite of me avoiding the collision, we got a contact and it was race over.

The second race went significantly better, I started in P2 and had Alberto Baraldi on my left front and Carlo Labati on my left right, so I had my work cut out. Into T1 I just hugged the inside and I got by Alberto, and held my position until lap 5, when I decided to let him by, because it was costing me time and felt slightly unsafe because he was a lot faster, but I could have held him up for a while, because he couldn't really get by on the straight as long as I took the inside line in T1.

After letting him by, I made a small mistake and Carlo got by too, so I was left fighting Andy Fuller for the remainder of the race, if he hadn't spun out. From here I was just lapping, maintaining my lead to the other guys and not really being able to gain on the guys in front. After the stop, I was 15s behind and with 6 laps to go I was 20s down, but came up on two guys fighting for positions, but a lap down. From here I just decided to let them battle it out and give up some of my 25s lead.

In the end I finished 3rd, 31s down, but knowing it was more like 20 if I hadn't given up a lot of time at the end, and the two guys ahead of me are in the DWC, I was pretty happy, 132 points didn't hurt either.