The start of season 3 has been quite troublesome for me. The transition from F1 to LPM2 took some time to get under the skin. I don't have that natural talent, so I need the seat time to learn the muscles how to drive the new car. That means forgetting the F1 habits and drive more like a "normal" car. So result from Silverstone was a journey into the wall going through T1 on one of the very first laps. Pitting and then repeating driving into the same wall two laps later. This time beyond repair.

Next week at Watkins was not much better. A big pile-up in T9 on lap 4.

I almost avoided the crashed car in front of me .. but missed by a hair and the race was over. As you see, the left front tire vent trough the chassis.

Not to worry, I just take the next race 2 hours later. What happens? Of course I get rear ended at lap 2

At this point I have 3 early DNF's in the last 4 races with the LMP2. My SR is toast and my IR has taking some serious beatings.

Oh well, another day and another race will come :-D