Finally got around to doing another race in the Acura. Today was just another Sunday, without any plans, so at some point after I had lunch, I decided that, hey, wouldn't it be a good idea to rush through race preparation and Q for a race at one of the most difficult tracks on the schedule, and do a race?

So that's what I did. 3-4 Q laps in testing and I was ready for "qualifying", which was more like "post a time fast enough to not start in the GT field". Managed an "amazing" 44.7, which I later beat in the race by 2 tenths.

Come race start, I managed to jump the guy in 7th on the start, and by T3 I was able to get fully ahead. From here it was just a bit of lapping till lap 5 where I wanted to pit. But the guy ahead of me pitted on lap 5, so I decided to stretch it 1 lap longer to see if I could avoid hitting traffic, and jump him. Worked out! So at this point I was effectively in 5th.

A few laps later I was battling hard with a guy who hadn't pitted, but he was still slower than me. On the first lap I noticed he braked way early for Spoon, so put a lot of pressure on him till we came around to the hairpin, and he outbraked himself a little bit.

We were then side by side down the first bit of the long right hander, but he had a shorter distance to go, so by the time we got to Spoon, he was slightly ahead, but not a problem! I just outbraked him from a bit behind. Kept my line, hugged the curb, but he ran wide for some reason.

From there it was just lapping and avoiding crashing/spinning cars till I got my 4th position at the end. Much fun racing and with minimum preparation.