We went to Padborg Park on August 30 2012 in order to do some real life racing in the Lotus Elise and also to try some laps in a Formula 2000 car as well. We invited our friends to join. So all-in-all we were 8 drivers. One of these was the super fellow iRacing driver David Jensen which is a very fast Corvette C6R sim-driver.

Dave and JanWe were 8 drivers, 3 of us was iRacing sim-drivers. These 3 drivers took the first 3 spots on the grid after the qualifying session was closed. So it seems that you in fact are able to transfer some of that sim-racing experience into real life racing. It could also be a simple coincidence of course.

So how was is to drive the Lotus Elise? Simply amassing and tons of great fun. Really something special. You could at all times feel what the car was up to and making corrections was done relatively easy. I did however make one move which I could not recover from and thus ended in a spin. Each of the 4 Lotus cars was shared between 2 drivers. That meant that each driver almost got 2 hours of seat time during this afternoon and evening. I can really only recommend to pay Padborg Park a visit

Peter T and Peter D


Peter Dolmeyer claimed the pole position. However, well into the race, me and my co-driver Jesper Riiber Høj managed to apply some good pressure to Peter and his teammate. We were about 6 seconds behind. Then Peter made a small mistake in the pit-lane during a driver-swap and got a 10 seconds penalty. Which lead to that Jesper and me took the checkered flag