The fourth event of the NES took place at the famous track in Belgium on January 24. The track is home for many endurance races over the years and is of course also included in the NES schedule in an 8-hour version. It features the exiting Eau Rouge / Raidillon combination.

Once again we had a good run throughout the 8-hour event. Only exception was a contact with car 65 from Hammer Down Racing in turn 19 after about one 1 hour and twenty minutes of racing. It was a simple incident, most likely caused by some misunderstanding in communicating and sharing the track and corner. As a result the wheel was of center by 10 degrees or so. We brought the car in for 5 minutes of repair and when reentering the track the car was almost back in shape but not quite though. The handling was somehow still different and lap-times were a bit slower – not by much though. From then on the race was a pure joy and great to be part of :-)

With only 3 races remaining we are placed 12 of 15. This properly the best we can do for now as we are racing some of the fastest simracing drivers around.