It has been a while since I participated in some good serious leagues racing. But now it is time for some fun racing and therefore I joined the “Majors Series 2018”. On Sunday April 29 round 5 took place at Nürburgring in a 2,4 hours event with no driver swaps. As you know, this place is also known as the “Green Hell”. This is a very challenging track where you really need to stay focused to avoid crashing into some of the many concreate walls! Then add the fact that you need to do so for 2,4 hours – this is a tough challenge!

I qualified 11 and managed to finish 7 by consistent and focused driving. The winner should have been Bram Reniers. He had a strong lead but suffered from a disconnect on the very last lap!

If you have not yet been running in the Majors Series, then I can only recommend that you try it out. You will be challenged by tracks and cars that you most likely otherwise would not consider. This is however the beauty of this series. Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to learn and adapt.