I recently received my USB converted McLaren GT3 wheel featuring a Q1R quick-release. This was supplied from Sim Racing Machines. Here Simon Maltby was so kind to supply me with a special edition of his conversion where no spacer is placed between the wheel and the quick-release. This conversion can’t be reversed, this is however no problem for me as I plan to stay on my OSW platform for many years ahead. I have tested the wheel for some hours now and I am quite happy with the result. The value for money ratio is in my mind very good for a wheel with bite-point adjustable clutch-paddles. The rubber handlebars feel very well in the hands. As a last comment, I can tell that the service from and communication with Simon was outstanding and I can highly recommend dealing with SRM.

Below image shows the conversion and how close the release is to the backplate of the wheel:

click for high resulotion image