The first race in the revived team Dart Frogs Racing was a great success. The 3-hour race at Interlagos on August 28 was occupied by 49 GT3 cars. The team this day consisted of Bjau and Jan in car 88. Bjau was given the task of qualifying the car. He then chose to put the car on pole! - just because he could cool

He then drove the entire first stint from the front. Only P2-P5 could keep up with his pace. I drove stint 2, but unfortunately, I could not keep the front. Some of the cars were let by to avoid driving defensively and thus avoid that the front-pack should gain too much time.

I pitted the car in P7, after which Bjau drove the 3rd and last stint. When the pit round was completed, Bjau was running in P10.

There were quite a few teams running an opposite strategy than us - where they double-stinted the tires.

Now Bjau starts a crazy raid, where he managed to drive the car to P3 and thus secured car 88 a podium place!! 😊

P2 was fair and square faster than us, while P1 was slower but hit us on a better strategy.

It was a great race with a packed track with lots of action!!

Bjarke leading out the pack in very moist weather conditions.