This car needs debuging :-)

On September 26, the Dart Frogs Racing team was visiting the Nürburgring Combined track to participate in a 4-hour race in the GT3 class with 43 GT3 cars on the grid. This was a multiclass race where also 17 Mazda MX5 Cup cars were on the track.

The brave pilots on the raceday were Bjarke Seit and Jan Bronée.

The MX5 cars was quite a challenge since the speed-difference is obviously huge, which created some interesting situations.

Jan qualified the car in P29 which was a bit too far down the grid as our expected results was P21 according to the participants iRating.

What-the-heck, we will just advance our positions during the race. And indeed, we did – in what must be named a Monster Raid, we advanced from P29 to P8 during the 4-hour race !!😊

P7 was actually “stollen” from us by a MX5 on the very last lap, as it was driving damaged and slowly in the middle of the track just before the extremely fast left-hander turn Mutkurve(Angstkurve!!). That incident allowed the chasing GT3 car to get within drafting-distance and easily overtake later on the very long straight just before the start-finish line.

Anyhow - this was great fun !